This newsletter presents some Legal Issues Relating to Construction Contracts, including (i) types of construction contracts, (ii) potential risks, (iii) differences between Vietnamese law and FIDIC, and (iv)  price, payment and payment application.

Respectfully, current legislation of these legal issues are (i) the Law on Construction; (ii) the Law on Bidding; (iii) Civil Codes and (iv) and various FIDIC Contracts. Some regulations are outdated, obsolete, and perhaps desuetude.  CNC uses them to compare changes in current regulations and highlight the reasons for the change in law.

For the convenience of our readers this newsletter will (1) address issues that requiring analysis; (2) analyze and evaluate the issues; (3) and in conclusion, offer practical suggestions. Please note, however, that some subsections (due to their characteristics) irrelevancies may be omitted.

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