It was CNC’s honor to introduce some notable technique, experience and knowledge that CNC have been working throughout our 6 years development in the field of FIDIC Red Book 1999 and FIDIC Subcontract 2011 to Eurowindow, one of the leading facade & doors contractors in Vietnam.

The most important thing is that Client trusts us in this matter, not only because we are currently acting on behalf of Eurowindow on two complicated construction contracts following the FIDIC Subcontract 2011 terms, presenting clients employees in a particular project in HoiAn South Development Project, but because we gained our client’s trust to continuously become the speaker for the other two training courses in September in Hanoi and Saigon.

As such, we truly wanted to let our clients know that, at CNC, a client is not just a client, we care very much about their business, their business is not to deal with disputes, and their business is to focus on the products and services improvements, and our job is to ensure our clients businesses go as smoothly as possible. Legal risk free.

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