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Legal retainer service

legal retainer services

Legal retainer service can be an exceptional legal solution to most enterprises in Vietnam who are not able to retain a legal specialist team at high cost.

Under this legal services arrangement, CNC will act as clients’ separate legal department and be held responsible for whichever legal issues clients frequently struggle with, namely:

Review and advise on all contracts, agreements, other contractual documents related to clients' business operation in Vietnam

Delegate experienced lawyer(s) to work at client's office on a secondment basis

Prepare and answer or provide legal advice/memos to specified matters/inquiries made by the Client to ensure appropriate operation and compliance with prevailing laws

Advise and clarify ambiguities and/or discrepancies found among various laws and regulations and/or their application to the Client’s business

Provide legal updates that the Client may need to be aware of

How We Work?

Every inquiry is different and CNC takes great care in matching the unique circumstances of such inquiry with a solicitor possessing the relevant specialised skills to pursue the outcome in a manner that makes sense to achieve client’s both legal and commercial objectives.

Once appointed, legal retainer service can be implemented through in any form of communications regardless of an email, telephone conversation, document provisions or other likes.

Prepare a legal advice/legal memo

Assist clients in any form of communications regardless of an email, telephone conversation, document provisions or other likes

Meet in person at client's office where applicable

What are benefits of legal retainer service?

Legal retainer service benefits client in different aspects:

Clients at all time are assured of CNC lawyers’ availability and its full attention to any inquiry made by clients.

Make it practical and effective use of CNC attorneys experiencne, knowledge and network

The legal advice is independently objective to enable clients to have a better understanding of different perspective of a legal issue

Client is flexibly entitled to adjust the service based upon the actual operation of their firms

Additional Services

If legal retainer service is retained, Clients are offered preferred fixed rates to Additional Services, which include:

Draft of templates with respect to any contractual documents for clients

Licensing matters, e.g. amendment to Client’s Investment Registration Certificate (“IRC”), Enterprise Registration Certificate (“ERC”), sub-license for Client’s proper operations; and

Dispute resolution, including any matters pertaining to debt collection, litigation, arbitration, other dispute resettlement.

Fee Structuring

CNC believes that properly structured and implemented, valued-based billing can nurture a long-term partnership and create value for both clients and CNC.

To meet the increasing diversity of legal requirements, CNC designs and customises the retainer legal services terms.

Therefore, CNC is able to respond to unique demand when it comes to pricing and fee arrangement.

An accurate, transparent and ethical hourly billing system is established by CNC to accurately record the actually hours spent by CNC’s lawyers on specific matters instructed to make sure that clients only pay for what they ask for.

Not Sure What To Do Next?

It is worthy taking a look at this Sample of Legal Retainer Services Proposal to have a better understand how CNC can help.

But should any further information is required, contact us today by making a phone call to (+84-28) 6276-9900 or dropping us an email at contact@cnccounsel.com, we’re delighted to hear.

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