Whilst remaining its leading market position as a trust-worthy law film offering tailored legal services and contracts in real estate, construction and hotel management, CNC is also well-known for its efforts to develop the next generation of lawyers.

One of the typical, annual activities that CNC pays special attention to is the “I’m a Lawyer of the Future” contest – a program organised directly by the University of Law and Economics with the participation of many universities in the south at Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition to directly accompanying and sponsoring the competition since 2015, CNC also delegated staffs to participate as judges. The experience and sincere comments from CNC lawyers helped students to properly orient themselves to their careers, and accumulate the qualities and skills they need at the time they are in the training environment and practice in the future.

Candidates who demonstrate their competence in the tournaments also receive special support as opportunities for practicing and experiencing in the formal legal environment at CNC. Hopefully, after the competition, with the sharing of experience and precious practice days at CNC, you will have solid knowledge, skills to promote good work and love your legal profession more, making the lawyer profession at Vietnam develop further.

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