Recently, CNC has negotiated and collected successfully more than $1.1 millions of debt for MEPG-HTE Myanmar LTD,. This dispute involves the debt between Living Square Co., Ltd, the Employer and MEPG-HTE, the Contractor.

The Employer and the Contractor have entered the M&E Works Contract to execute, complete the M&E package and remedy any defect therein for Kabar Aye Executive Residence Project. Contract value up to $12 millions. In the implementation process, there was a dispute between the two parties about the amount of money that Living Square had not paid. The dispute has been negotiated many times but still has not been solved.

Having a lawyer team with proficiency and experience in the field debt collection, CNC helped MEPG to collect this debt with high satisfaction from the Contractor. CNC has developed a debt collection strategy not only to help reduce costs, save time and maximize resources but also to successfully persuaded the Employer to agree on a monthly payment of the debt obligation.

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