CNC is proud to be an exclusive in-house counsel under the Legal Retainer Services arrangement to the rising star project developer, Nha Trang Bay Investment and Construction J.S.C. They are currently the owner of large-scale landmark projects including: Panorama Nha Trang, Cam Ranh City Gate, Phuoc Huu Solar Energy, and the Arena Cam Ranh.

CNC’s involvement is diverse, ranging from preparing a complete set of construction contracts (whilst adhering to FIDIC Contract 1999 forms for use by consultants and contractors in all projects); preparing necessary contractual documents to help Nha Trang Bay with land acquisition, voluntary resettlement and compensation; reviewing  off-the-plan contracts; settling complex claims from leading contractors concerning both the termination of the main contract package and Nha Trang Bay’s day-to-day operations.

CNC’s job is also to provide clear legal framework for the operation and to ensure that all activities of Nha Trang Bay’s projects are in strict compliance with current laws.

We gain client’s trust because of our experiences as a boutique legal practice, our practical legal solutions, foresight of all circumstances that may arise, and consideration of client’s requirements, alongside law, business, and overall common sense.

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