By maintaining a strong relationship with Artelia Group, a leading engineering and consultancy firm in Vietnam, CNC had the opportunity to assist Nha Trang Bay Investment and Construction J.S.C on a termination of project supervision agreement.

CNC’s appointment was made in April 2017 by Nha Trang Bay, when a change in the project management was needed in order to properly manage and complete a multimillion-dollar project in a timely manner. This was particularly crucial in order to meet the tight schedule, high specifications and increasingly varied demands from clients purchasing the condotel units.

The termination of the project supervision agreement at that time, however, involved a number of legal matters concerning reputation, costs and time of both Nha Trang Bay and the consultant. Through experience and practical proposals, CNC successfully persuaded both parties to reach a mutual agreement on the terms of termination causing no adverse effects on any side, while maintaining the relationship between parties for future business.

The amicable settlement of the contract termination allowed Artelia Group to step in and take over not only the remaining consultancy part, but also the project management services. It has also allowed for continued partnership between Artelia Group and Nha Trang Bay for other projects throughout Vietnam.

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