In business since 2017, CNC has continuously received numerous training invitations from prestigious consultants, contractors, and employers of real estate development projects. In February and March of 2017 CNC arranged two training courses on 1999 FIDIC Contract Management – Conditions of Contracts for Construction that were successfully completed at Construction Joint Stock Co. No. 1 (COFICO) (including its subsidiaries and affiliates) and Altus Group Vietnam, Co. Ltd.

COFICO is, for the time being, one of the leading general contractors in Vietnam for which myriad of unique buildings have been completed. These buildings include, but are not limited to, the Vista Verde Apartment complex, Vietcombank Tower, City Committee Party Office, Viettel Headquarters, and Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Building.

It was an honor to award all 71 qualified trainees of the training course held at COFICO on February 25th 2017, a certificate of completion issued by CNC.

Incessantly, CNC accepted the invitation of AltusGroup Vietnam – a multinational company provides essential services related to project development – finance management, project management, schedule supervision, and coordination etc. The training course for Altus Group, aimed at experts, consultants, and key personnel of Altus Group in the South Area was delivered entirely in English. The result enhanced and upgraded the trainees level of knowledge and awareness of construction contract management.

Subsequently, CNC is continuously offering clients additional training courses aimed at providing related services to construction, real estate management, and development companies to include drafting a variety of construction contracts based on FIDIC Contract standards, settling extension of time for completion (EOT) disputes, price adjustments, and other disputes with respect to the construction process.

For information about training resource, as well as other services offered by CNC, please contact CNC via email address or phone number (+84-8) 6276 9900.

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