A quick summary

This provides an overall picture of District 9, which includes: boundaries, traffic, important locations, and some projects that may attract investor attention and assist in their decision making.

About District 9

District 9 borders Dong Nai Province to the east, Binh Duong and Thu Duc to the west, and District 2 to the south (see next slide – the map)

District 9 forms a part of East Saigon which has welcomed new waves of investment thanks to synchronous infrastructure and other billion-dollar projects being poured into Thu Thiem (District 2), High-tech Zones, Metro line 1 etc., all of which help to increase the market value.

HCMC’s development strategy is to make it a smart urban area. This will help to promote the growth and added value of East Saigon’s real estate market.

Considered Projects

These projects have been selected based on  their scales and impacts on the market;  however this should not be considered an exhaustive list. Land available for development is listed for sale along the streets, while brokers can be found handing out leaflets on a daily basis.


Scale: The largest residential project in District 9

Legal Viewpoints: Unable to verify. Neither Vingroup nor its real estate agencies have disclosed or produced any legal documentation of the project at this time.

Dong Tang Long

Scale: Second largest residential project in District 9

Legal Viewpoint: Public and media scandals are available on the internet. The project owner is unable to request financing in advance from investors until the infrastructures and utilities of the project have been completed. The owner is required to construct the apartments, villas etc. before they can be transferred to the investors.

Centana Dien Phuc Thanh

Scale: Average in scale for the residential projects in District 9

Legal viewpoint: substantially legal established. Some pink books have been granted. Some are yet to issue. but our experiences indicates that this project can be a good option to invest.

Investment Strategy


Preferable locations should be those which are easy to travel to central business districts.


Projects like Vincity, Dong Tang Long (except apartment units) have comparatively high prices.

Legal Issues:

The larger the project is in scale, the greater likelihood of legal issues   arising.

The presentation Land Opportunity to Invest In District 9, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in pdf, and video below.

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