Today marked another milestone in the history of CNC when Kurihara – a long-term client since our firm was established – invited our team to present the notable changes to the FIDIC Contract Second Edition 2017 Training – to their key personnel.

Participants of the training course, who also participated in the FIDIC Contract 1999 course, were all very excited by the key changes highlighted/introduced during the event – all of which helped attendees understand how such revolutionary changes reflect today’s best world practices in the industry.

Among the changes included are

• a better structured Rainbow Suite,

• alphabetical order of definitions,

• significant increase of notice requirements,

• enhanced program requirements, and

• a more distinguished process for making claims and raising disputes.

As FIDIC officially launched their new suite of contracts in December 2017, not surprisingly to know that it will soon be a trend in Vietnam, as well as around the world when all project stakeholders, including Employers, Contractors, various consultants, and practitioners already familiar with the FIDIC Contract 1999, will need to understand the innovative changes in the recent release of the FIDIC Contracts in order to:

• Focus on dispute avoidance and claim settlement

• Facilitate better project management

• Enhance fair and balanced approach to risk allocation

• Provide greater clarity and certainty through detailed sub-clauses and procedural mechanism

We are proud of today’s presentation, because with the recent training course held on 14th December, 2018 we have once again defined our firm’s market leading position in the field of construction and real estate, especially with respect to this internationally well-known construction organization – FIDIC.

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