The last day of June, 2018 remarked a new milestone in our journey to have a chance sharing insights of FIDIC 1999 Contracts at Centralcons – a new potential contractor in the construction market with the rapid speed of development in Vietnam.

A year after its establishment, Centralcons has been continuously awarded by prestige investors in Vietnam to execute and complete recognised projects throughout Vietnam, reaching 22 projects having total contract value of more than 5,000 billion VND.

The main aim of the training course therefore is to provide Centralcons’ senior personnel of engineers and architects a comprehensive understanding of FIDIC Contracts, including the structure of the well-known FIDIC Contract 1999, remarkable notes on FIDIC Subcontract 2011, and key changes in FIDIC’s new suite of Contract 2017, all to prepare for new challenging projects in the future.

The workshop came in a completely endless month having received a number of ten tough engagements from clients but CNC’s dedicated efforts, through its extensive experiences have helped the course successful.

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