Practical Use of FIDIC 1999 Contracts

On 28th July 2017, CNC successfully conducted a 1 day training course on the introduction and application of the 1999 suit of FIDIC contracts.

This training course explained the practical application of the most recognised 1999 suit of FIDIC Contracts (i.e. Red Book 1999, Yellow Book 1999, and Silver Book 1999) to various participants from Petro Vietnam Gas J.S.C, An Tam Construction & Trading Co., Ltd., as well as a number of postgraduates from Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, University of Economics and Law, and Law Department of Ton Duc Thang University.

This training course helps delegates gain confidence on FIDIC documents. It provides extensive checking measures and work exercises in order to give all delegates a comprehensive understanding of proper management of these contracts, including:

Learning the practical use of FIDIC conditions of contracts.

Understanding the steps to be followed prior to signing the contract.

Applying FIDIC conditions of contracts to manage claims and dispute resolutions.

Understanding FIDIC contract related documents.

Understanding the responsibilities of main parties.

Learning completion and financial procedures.

Understanding several key concepts such as suspension, termination, risk, liability, force majeure, etc.

Preparation of Particular Contract Conditions.

Claims Management.

Dispute Adjudication Procedures.

Project Management of FIDIC Contracts.

Upon successful completion of this workshop, delegates will:

have a solid understanding of types of FIDIC Contracts

know contents of a Works Contract

be able to identify the external expertise they need

be able to draft an “Appendix to Tender”

be able to identify the important clauses of a PC

This course together with a portfolio of more than 40 separate training workshops, which have been conducted within the last 3 years, define us not only as an extensively experienced legal services provider but also a successful FIDIC contracts training center in Vietnam.

Our aim is to improve commercial competency of construction professionals such as project managers, civil engineers, quantity surveyors, legal advisors and contract managers in international construction contracts.

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