Managing and maintaining a large scale multi-complex project like a mega mall in a profitable manner is never easy. This issue becomes even worse if the master lessee finds it difficult to lease out the premise which directly threatens its ability to pay the landlord pursuant to the master lease agreement.

The aforesaid situation urges Thinh Vuong Investment J.S.C, a subsidiary to Ben Thanh Group to appoint CNC as its legal counsel in 2015. Our duty is to give legal advice on the possibility of terminating the master lease agreement, any pros and cons resulting thereof, necessary procedures and steps required to be taken, and finally acting on Thinh Vuong behalf to legally terminate the contract, securing benefits and fortified the deposit.

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Thinh Vuong Investment is more than satisfied having received neither a claim or complaint from the lessees nor the tenants whilst Thinh Vuong took over the mall. This is because CNC has kept both the lessees and the tenants clear of the current situation, possible recommendation or actions that Thinh Vuong Investment expected the lessees or the tenants to take, and of the commitment made by Thinh Vuong Investment to those who shall continue honoring the leasing agreement after the contract termination with the lessees.

The invaluable reward we gained from Thinh Vuong Investment following the successful close-out of the case is that Thinh Vuong engaged CNC under the legal retainer services as their in-house counsel to accompany them during the operation of the mall and the firm itself.

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