Whilst maintaining our leading market position as a boutique property law firm, we have a long-term focus on the less fortunate. To achieve this goal, we work closely with non-profit organisations in Vietnam since the early establishment of the firm. Because of this, we were appointed by Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, an Australian NGO working in Vietnam since 2003, in a pro bono legal aids on the structuring and governance and property advice for non-profit dedicated to serving homeless, abused and trafficked children.

The request which was initially made through TrustLaw Services, a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters, where we are an active member since 2016, involves in a monetary offer from a donor to Blue Dragon to buy a plot of land where Blue Dragon can use for a retreat for the children and to start an organic farm. However, the issue is Blue Dragon Children Foundation, as an international NGO, is not allowed to own land in Vietnam.

Our extensive experience in the matters of land ownership and business creation impressed Blue Dragon. The advice has shaped Blue Dragon’s thinking and made things very clear to enable them to find a way to get done what Blue Dragon need to do. Mr. Michael Brosowski, Blue Dragon Founder, expressed his deep gratitude for our excellent assistance to Blue Dragon’s legal needs in 2017, and has informed Thomson Reuters that this project was, in their view, a great success.

Keeping in mind that, Blue Dragon has rescued 732 people from trafficking; represented 60 people in court cases; sent 4,807 kids back to school & training; provided shelter to 493 girls & boys; placed 246 teens in jobs; served 470,926 meals; built 88 homes for families; reunited 461 runaways with their families; obtained legal papers for 10,406 people; played 2,333 games of soccer, all of which have kept us motivated working for a better Vietnam, a peaceful place to live and to enjoy.

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