CNC Announced Its New Engagements In A Three Renewable Energy Projects

In June 2020, during the development of two wind power projects in Tra Vinh, Vietnam, CNC was appointed by one of the largest independent renewable energy companies in the Asia-Pacific region as its legal counsel.

Our Client’s decision to retain CNC for these wind power projects was based on the credibility we have garnered over the past 7-years of operation – primarily in the field of construction and contractual matters – areas of practice that define CNCs leading reputation.

Under this engagement, CNC accepts responsibility for various legal matters throughout the development of the wind power projects, including drafting various contractual documents, government correspondence, legal approvals, ongoing legal advising, and land acquisition, resettlement, and compensation.

In particular, CNC will coordinate with the Client’s legal department to

properly identify legal issues that are likely to occur

prepare detailed action plan(s) for entire project implementation, including any back-up plan(s) and alternative solutions to adverse situations

review and/or draft primary contracts under typical wind power projects developed such as loan agreement(s) (financial capacity), turbine supply agreement(s), Balance of Plant Contract, High-voltage Contract, Facility Sharing Agreement(s), Power Purchase Agreement(s) (PPA), as well as the Operation and Maintenance Agreement(s) (O&M Agreement); and conclusively

ongoing, day–to–day legal advising

How a wind power project is being developedHow a wind power project is developed

By engaging in this latest project, CNC is again determined to be another top tier partner in renewable energy sectors. Some of the successful projects grounded in CNC’s expertise include Phuoc Huu Solar Farm, Tan Linh, Huong Tan Wind Power Projects, BT1 and BT2 Wind Power Project.

The credibility of CNC’s competence is well recognized and accepted by Clients in the construction and real estate sectors. Notable projects include commercial developments, high-rise buildings (office towers and apartments), and buildings of hospitality, that established CNCs reputation.

Specifically, the most significant projects CNC legal experts have advised on include Le Meridien Saigon Hotel, Panorama Hotel, Arena Cam Ranh, Nha Trang International Airport, Trang Tien Plaza, Vinhomes Landmark 81 super-tall skyscraper, Phuoc Huu Solar Farm, and Empire City to name a few.

CNC humbly prides itself as the sole law firm in Vietnam capable of providing a broad range of quality, effective, and efficient legal services for construction and real estate sectors, such as:

  • FIDIC 1999 Contract Management Training
  • FIDIC 2017 Contracts: Notable Update Training
  • FIDIC 2011 Subcontracts: Practical Management Training
  • Extension of Time Claims: How To Prepare and Manage EOT Claims
  • Variation Order Claims: Procedures, Practical Obstacles, and Settlements
  • Construction Contract Template drafts (from Soil Investigation Agreements, FS Agreements, Design Consultancy Agreements, Tender and Cost Consultancy Agreements, as well as various Construction Contracts, Hotel Management Agreements, Lease Back Agreements, and
  • Dispute Settlements, including arbitration, litigation, mediation, and other legal proceedings.

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