On September 26th, 2020, CNC conducted Webinar 1: Structure of The FIDIC 1999 Conditions of Contract, to help attendees to comprehend the principles of arrangement of the clauses within FIDIC 1999. This is, in a Series of 10 Webinars live stream sessions, CNC disseminated legislative knowledge and contracts in the field of construction for the community of FIDIC Contracts users in Vietnam


This Webinar, facilitated by Le The Hung – Managing Partner of CNC Vietnam Law Firm, was presented intelligibly and with exceptional detail pertaining to “the structure” within “The Structure of FIDIC 1999 Contracts”. As a result, attendees received an overview of the construction contracts framework that subsequently and effectively assists them in reading, referencing and drafting construction contracts.

In particular, this topic was divided into four (04) parts:

1. Order of the FIDIC 1999 clauses

Lawyer Hung meticulously summarized the clauses within each FIDIC Contract form – The Red, Yellow, Silver, and Green Books – affording attendees to find the order of clauses, of each contract form, having primary similarities and differences.

2. Principle of arrangement

After comparing contract forms clauses, in order, there are seven (07) primary principles arranged – in order – within the FIDIC Contracts as outlined below:

  • General Provisions (Clause 1);
  • Participants (Clause 2 – Clause 5);
  • Constructing (Clause 5/6 – Clause 11/12);
  • Cost (Clause 12/13 – Clause 14);
  • Termination (Clause 15 – 16);
  • The division of risk (Clause 17 – Clause 19);
  • Dispute settlement (Clause 20).

3. Primary distinctions

The Red Book, Yellow Book and Silver Book have several notable differences with respect to the order of clauses, resulting in the divergence of the structure of the contract.

4. Comparison of the Structure of FIDIC 1999 Contract with FIDIC 2017 Contract

Apart from following the structure of the FIDIC 1999, FIDIC 2017exhibits optimal improvements, to be more precise:

  • The additional of 1 clause;
  • Some clauses have been – logically – rearranged;
  • Alphabetical order of definitins;
  • the addition of the obligation of previous waring;

In addition to the presentation, Lawyer Hung also arranged for an FAQ and discussion session for viewers. Thanks to these activities and despite Livestreaming online, the webinar session occurred within a positive and exciting atmosphere.


To look up Webinar 1 – “The Structure of FIDIC 1999 Contract”, viewers may access the following link, here.

A transcript of Webinar 1 – “The Structure of FIDIC 1999 Contract” is available on the CNC’s YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrxAYeO7xYc.


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